Failed Insurrection fitting end to Shit-Hole Administration

TLDRUpFront: Tallying the aftermath of the Capitol Hill insurrection, we also look to the way ahead. The Capitol Hill riots clearly qualified the President, and many of his supporters, for charges of both sedition and insurrection, and meet both the legal criteria and past cases of the same. A rapid move to Impeach, followed by

2020 InfoMullet Year in Review

TLDRUpFront: Our 2020 coverage began in January with the death of General Soleimani, Impeachment, and COVID19 and continued through domestic unrest, the Presidential election and a few wars overseas. So catch up with what you may have missed with the Top 15 InfoMullet Blog Posts & YouTube Clips of the year by popularity. Also check

Dreaming of a White-Architecture Christmas

TLDRUPFront: If 2020 couldn't get any weirder. President Trump issued a massive Executive Order mandating "classical architecture style" on Federal buildings and appointing a Presidential Council to oversee it. Nope. Not kidding. Following the money however reveals that this is likely a pay-to-play money grab for Trump on his way out the door. Federal construction

New COVID19 Variant in UK exposes Strategic Risk of Failing to Contain & Eradicate Pandemic

TLDRUpFront: TLDRUpFront: Pandemic response consists of tactical responses to contain the virus while we gain a strategic advantage through vaccines. But a failure to contain the pandemic increases global viral load leading to new variants and strategic risk. The risk is that one of these variants will be more contagious, more deadly, or resistant to

InfoMullet: Something Minks in the state of Denmark

TLDRUpFront: The Danish government has killed several million mink in order to control the spread and mitigate the danger of COVID-19. Several mutations have already been observed in the minks, and one that might constitute the beginnings of a new "strain" of COVID-19. That threatens the efficacy of a vaccine, and so it is very

InfoMullet: Bamlanivimab da bang, da bang, diggy, diggy, said up jump the boogie

TLDRupfront: Bamlanivimab is not the game-changer drug hoped for. Complexities and ethical questions in administration, distribution, and prescription remain. Still struggling with a drug that works is better than having no drugs that work at all.

Trump Brings in Closer

Washington, DC (AP) With his lead attorney in quarantine and after Saturday’s dismissal of a key lawsuit President Trump brought in a renowned ‘closer’ to shore up his post-loss election campaign.     Summoned to an early Sunday morning press briefing, White House pool reporters appeared skeptical when Mohammed al-Sahaf took the podium wearing his

InfoMullet: Moderna Joins Pfizer in the ‘Pfight Club’ of COVID19 Vaccines

TLDRUpFront: There is a lot of promise in Pfizer's announcement, but we should be cautious about investing too much hope in it too soon. It bodes well for the pandemic long term, and I hope that we get similar announcements from AstraZeneca and Moderna soon, but there are major challenges ahead in both approval and

Revealing MESconduct (pt2 of 3): Investigations & Lessons Learned

TLDRUPFront: A review of 11 alleged perpetrators and 180 accusations of misconduct across six pools investigated 2016-2018 in a volunteer gaming organization. Each pool describes the warning signs, challenges, and lessons learned from the investigation of the type of reported misconduct volunteer organizations face.

Revealing MESconduct (pt2 of 3): Serial Predators Pool

TLDRUPFront: In our ongoing series Revealing MESconduct we review the Serial Predator Pool. This pool describes the warning signs, challenges, and lessons learned from investigations on reported  Weaponizing misconduct that volunteer organizations may face. In the Serial Predator Pool are 20 investigated offenses across two alleged perpetrators.