HistoricalMullet: Order & Date of Days of Rage Protests in the Middle East

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Originally posted 1-29-2011
Although riots and protests have broken out in many areas, here are a list of countries and days where major actions are being planned by country.  These all bear the name “Day of Rage”, which was the initial effort in Egypt January 25th, that culminated in the confrontation four days later on Friday the 28th at the end of morning prayers.  I’ve added the google-twitter-latest pages for each protest, which is a good way of getting live updates as it combines twitter updates as they happen, with related news article and volume statistics.  The statistics are interesting because you can actually navigate twitter volumes by date/time, going back to see the development and/or change of a trend. For example, right now, there’s a joke going around with these dates talking about them being “set” by the Arab League (which is of course a joke), but if you backtrack in time you see them being utilized to organize protests before the emergence of the joke.

Sudan January 30th
Yemen February 3rd
Syria February 5th
Algeria February 12th
Libya February 30th

Keep in mind, circumstance matters – each country has a very different environment, context, and set of conditions. Economic, political and religious factors are different. Niger had protests today between Christians and Muslims in which 9 were killed, those have to do more with ongoing religious tensions than what’s going in Egypt. Also planned protests may fizzle before they arrive, or move forward in time.  Saudia Arabia has a far more oppressive/authoritarian regime than Egypt, but a far better economic picture due to oil revenues. There’s also a possiblity, I think, that the MO of these protests transports itself to non-Middle Eastern countries where similar circumstances (generally well educated, well net-connected, young populations in oppressive regimes) may try similar things, like say down south with Mr. Chavez.


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