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HistoricalMullet: Tripwire Scenarios

I totally overlooked this in my “unasked” questions, but things in Libya are falling apart so fast, and Gaddahfi is so nuts crazy, that there may very well end up being a “tripwire” that brings our military into an interventionist posture. 1. Gaddahfi begins a genocide. Although the “scariest” in terms of human catastrophe, this is

HistoricalMullet: Called the Game Missed the Spread

Mubarak left obviously, just on the wrong Friday. I was one week late. I haven’t been posting as much as I’ve been glued to the coverage; as well as being relocated up to DC on a more permanent basis because the work we’re doing is really getting some traction.  I didn’t know enough back in 1989 when

HistoricalMullet: Egypt in Three Acts

Last Friday: A New Hope Wednesday: The Empire Strikes Back Tomorrow (Friday): Return of the Jedi