HistoricalMullet: Tomorrow’s pivot events near Ras Lanuf & in Saud

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The majority of fighting seems to be centering on Ras Lanuf, a small oil-depot town just southeast of Sirte. The rebels have yielded the main town area with heavy losses, but still apparently hold onto a refinery. You can google map Ras Lanuf and get a bird’s eye view of just how small a “city” it is, as well as how desolate/open the surrounding areas are.  Follow the road leading out of Ras Lanuf northwest and you’re in Sirte – follow it to the west and you’re in Brega. Action along that road will tell you who’s “winning” in the momentum push. If the battle moves to the east, next stop for government troops is Brega, which has already seen heavy fighting early on. If the rebels counter-attack, they have to retake Ras Lanuf before moving onto Sirte (unless they pull a Schwartzkopf “hail mary end run” through the desert).And in Saudia Arabia today authorities trying to put down protests before they begin apparently opened fire on protesters in the south east. Tomorrow is the “big” Saudia Arabian “day of rage”. Most estimates are for only a few hundred protesters to materialize, which means no real big deal unless it snowballs. If a few thousand show up after the end of mid-day prayers, then the snowball has already arrived.  My guess is ALJ will still be the best source for tracking what happens.

Tim C.

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