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Exploits and Asymmetric Vulnerabilities in the Texas Anti-Abortion Law

TLDRUpFront: The private enforcement mechanism of Texas’s anti-abortion law removes legal safeguards designed to protect both defendants and courts from bad actors. In analogy, Republicans turned off the anti-virus software because it made using the dark web harder. In doing so they’ve exposed themselves, and the Texas court system, to exploits and asymmetric monkeywrenching they

The Paradox of Popper’s Paradox

TLDRUpFront: In this "Improve Your Argument" post we cover everything everyone gets wrong by quoting Popper's Paradox of Tolerance.

InfoMullet: Razor Rules as Ideological Motivations Emerge behind Saturday’s Domestic Terror Attack

TLDRUPFront: Saturday’s domestic terror attack were perpetrated by what appears to be a left-wing extremist who is an active duty Air Force Sergeant. Carrillo is under arrest and tied at least two deaths and three injuries of local and federal officers across two separate attacks. Statements by Carrillo, caught on video, and social media activity

CDC Reports Annual Flu Kills more than Mattis but it’s close.

(AP) Atlanta, GA June 4th, 2020 President Trump took to Twitter last night claiming retired Marine General James Mattis was “the world’s most overrated general” in response to the General’s criticism of the President’s behavior during recent unrest. To bolster his claim the President ordered the CDC, which maintains the nations leading database on mortality,

We come to honor that True Faith & Allegiance.

TLDRUpFront:An unprecedented and unanimous rebuke of President Trump's attempt to invoke the Insurrection Act by Senior Civilian & Military Leadership has played out over the last few hours. Every branch of service, every Secretary, every Chief of Staff, and every Senior NCO of the Services have joined to create a chorus of voices that said

MediaLiteracy: Marking-Up a Misleading Meme on School Guidance from the CDC

TLDRUpFront: Red lines are located under any statement in this meme that is false, misleading, or missing key context such as "if feasible" or "where possible." A link to the actual CDC Guidance page this meme was created from is included below.

InfoMullet: Ashes to Ashes (pt3 of 4)

TLDRUpFront: The third of a four-part series as the United States, and the world, begins tipping-over from COVID-19. As worries about pandemic related violence and instability increase the InfoMullet forecasts the next 12 months across six types of violence. Unlike the pandemic or the economy, our forecast of violence is positive with declining rates in

InfoMullet: Pocket full of Posies (pt2 of 4)

TLDRUpFront: The second of a four-part series as the United States, and the world, begins tipping-over from COVID-19. The next nine days are going to be hairy. This InfoMullet focuses on the intermediate economic impact preparing the mental model of readers for what’s going to become apparent between now and March 31st .

InfoMullet: Ring Around the Rosies (pt1 of4)

TLDRUpFront: The first of a four-part series as the United States, and the world, begins tipping-over from COVID-19. The next ten days are going to be hairy. This InfoMullet tries to prepare the mental model of readers for what's to come by making several forecasts of what happens between now and March 31st, and what

InfoMullet: Comparing Five Most Common National Strategies to COVID-19

TLDRUpFront: We examine the five emerging national strategies to confront COVID-19: People’s War, Pandemic Panopticon, Mobilization & Lock Down aka “People’s War Lite”, Fire Break, and Induced Herd Immunity. We contrast this with the recent national approach in most of Europe, the United States and Canada of “business as usual” and how that early response