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MediaLiteracy: Marking-Up a Misleading Meme on School Guidance from the CDC

TLDRUpFront: Red lines are located under any statement in this meme that is false, misleading, or missing key context such as "if feasible" or "where possible." A link to the actual CDC Guidance page this meme was created from is included below.

InfoMullet: Adjusting our Mental-Model of COVID-19

TLDRUpFront: A growing fear in the United States is that COVID-19 may kill millions. This fear is based on an incomplete mental-model of how viruses work fed by COVID-19 reporting that highlights facts in isolation from context and triggering our cognitive biases in how we evaluate risk. This InfoMullet provides a mental model for understanding

InfoMullet: Boundary & Factor Analysis on WhistleBlower Allegations

TLDRUpFront: Given the importance of the impeachment inquiry, I'm launching a live tracker of the accumulating evidence and evaluation of, for or against a charge, using a specific analytical method called "Boundary and Factor Analysis." This post is a description of the method. I hope people find this approach informative and educational as one way

Media Literacy: Spotting Suspect Surveys

Media Literacy: It's not enough to be able to spot click-bait websites or suspect headlines. Understanding what makes an opinion poll suspect is just as important. But that doesn't mean to ignore all statistics out-of-hand. FiveThirtyEight has put together a guide for spotting shoddy work that doesn't require an advanced degree in math. It requires

Media Literacy: Play Niche With Others

Media Literacy: A guide to niche-source news sites and how to evaluate them. For absolutely no reason whatsoever...the focus of this post is on niche sites covering government and government-related news.

InfoMullet: A (Brief) History of Salafi Takfirism

TLDR Up Front: Evaluate your news sources by applying the Eurocentric bedchel test! In addition to the Eurocentric lead role upon which the news story will (of course!) primarily focus on, are there *at least* two named indigenous influential actors presented with their own agency, motivations and conflicts/disputes that are not tied to the Eurocentric