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InfoMullet: Domestic Instability Abounds Abroad

TLDRUpFront: It’s been a busy week outside the United States as well for domestic disturbances. In Iraq, Egypt, Hong Kong, France, Ecuador and Britain domestic instability that didn’t originate from President Trump took center stage. Taken as a whole it points to a gathering trend towards instability.

HistoricalMullet: Tripwire Scenarios

I totally overlooked this in my “unasked” questions, but things in Libya are falling apart so fast, and Gaddahfi is so nuts crazy, that there may very well end up being a “tripwire” that brings our military into an interventionist posture. 1. Gaddahfi begins a genocide. Although the “scariest” in terms of human catastrophe, this is

HistoricalMullet: Best Live Coverage in Egypt

Coming from Al-Jazeera.(1) (live streaming in english)Amazing what’s going on there, very reminescent of 1989. Sadly I have to go into work. As I was getting ready protesters occupied the 6th of October Bridge (main bridge in Cairo) an armored police vehicle was trying to disperse protesters, that was turned back by the crowds and

HistoricalMullet: Right Here, Right Now

Originally published 1-25-2011 17:04est If you missed the fall of Communism playing out live on TV back in 1989-1990….you can catch a similar series of events – this time over the internet as the contagion of protest spreads over the North African regimes. The black-swan in Tunisia of a man immolating himself in protest, geared up