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InfoMullet: Who can be Sirte-n if its Barqa is worse than its bite?

TLDR Up Front: ISIS has expanded its territorial reach declaring a Willayat in the chaotic ungoverned areas of Libya. But it's not entirely clear the militias there will be as easy to displace as in Syria and it is very unlikely the world will ignore them long enough to gain a foothold.

HistoricalMullet: Update on Sirte

It seems that efforts are concentrating in and around the Sirte area in Libya. This article describes the pro-Gaddahfi troops besieging Misarata (which is inside the “ring”) leaving to move to the east and reinforce Sirte. Meanwhile this report talks about the regular Army who has defected to the opposition taking over operations in and

HistoricalMullet: Libyan End-Game (Phase I)

Libyan End-Game (Phase I) I think we’re in the final end-game of the first phase of the Libyan Civil War. More on that obtuse wording later.  The opposition forces of the Interim Transitional National Council (hereinafter referred to as “the rebel alliance”) are advancing on Sirte. If Sirte falls, which is a big if, but