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InfoMullet: Impeachable Charges Review

TLDRUpFront: I’ve been looking for a good TLDR summary of where we stand with the House impeachment inquiry of President Trump. I haven’t found one so I’m writing this up covering both charges and summary of key evidence supporting the filing of those charges. By nature, the “evidence summary” are a few line TLDR’s summarizing

InfoMullet: Explaining Closed Door Hearings with Williams Testimony

TLDRUpFront: With many questions in public about 'closed door' testimony, whether it's fair, why that was being done this post can help clarify. When the House conducts any hearings relating to national security, sensitive communication means, or takes live testimony from high ranking national security officials, that testimony is always behind closed doors at first.

InfoMullet: Sondland’s European Vacation

TLDRUpFront: In what the NY Times refers to as a "substantial revision" after he had, in his own words, "refreshed his recollection" Ambassador Sondland has reversed course on his prior testimony.

InfoMullet: Prior to Whistle Blower CIA Registered Concerns over Ukraine

TLDRUpFront: New allegations, and evidence, of a high-level cover up that began in the White House prior to the WhistleBlower complaint being filed.

InfoMullet: Threading a Mustache through the Eye of a Needle

TLDRUpFront: We review the opening statement of Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, Army officer and National Security Council expert on Eurasia, including Ukraine. At the same time the National Securiy Advisor, John Bolton, seems to be navigating legal needles to introduce both an aide and his own testimony against the President. FullContext in the Back: The

InfoMullet: An Officer Takes the Stand

TLDRUpFront: Interesting testimony scheduled for tomorrow. Lt. Colonel Vindman, an Army officer assigned to the White House as the Ukrainian specialist for the National Security Council, who was on the call between President Trump and President Zelensky.

InfoMullet: House Impeachment Proceedings Ruled Legitimate by Courts

TLDRUpFront: Common practice is to hold grand jury testimony secret, though one exception applies to an impeachment inquiry. The House and White House went to court over the House's request to access secret grand jury materials. Trump's legal team argued that House proceedings were not legitimate, resulting in a judicial finding of fact that they

InfoMullet: Another Break in the Wall

TLDRUpFront: Strong testimony today from Ambassador William Taylor before the House Intelligence Committee marks another break in the wall around President Trump.

InfoMullet: The Emperor has no Clothes and the White House has no Walls

TLDRUpFront: If the Emperor has no clothes why would one think his White House has walls? There's a good argument that the White House blanket-refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry is an obstruction of justice. That practical impact is limited by the reality that the White House has no moat. No wall of

InfoMullet: Friendly Fired

TLDRUpFront: A cease fire abroad, and friendly fire at home, both illustrates the risks of being within the orbit of President Trump. Friendships are transactional, subject to "You're Fired" at any moment as the Kurds in Northern Syria are realizing. And sustained close relations can lead to self-inflicted harm as Chief of Staff Mulvaney