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InfoMullet: A Gift-Wrapped Censure Motion

TLDRUpFront: If the Democrats were waiting for a gift-wrapped, color-coded, easy-bake, pre-chewed, and incontrovertible kid-friendly portion of #Resistance to serve the President, filing Censure motions for his comment on accepting foreign intelligence on domestic candidates would be about as good as it gets.

InfoMullet: Turkey Intervenes Against Syrian Kurds

TLDR UpFront: After a serious US communications blunder about intentions along the northern Syria border, Turkey intervened militarily into Syria Civil War for the second time. Launching artillery strikes against the Kurdish town of Afrin northwest of Aleppo, Syria - a ground movement is expected soon. Though limited in scope - the move may seek

InfoMullet: The Defenestration of Bannon

TLDR UpFront: Steve Bannon resigned his position at Brietbart News Tuesday night. For the man who popularized the term alt-right and was once seen as the grand strategist of Trumpism this continues a six-month plummet. It began with Steve being booted from the White House, then backing a GOP candidate who couldn't win in deep-red

“We are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him.”

TLDRUpFront: Returning from cancer treatment to the Senate, both on the floor and subsequent op-ed Senator McCain called for a return to regular order in the Senate. In doing so he not only fired more warning shots across the bow President Trump, and his own party leadership. But he also elucidated both a cause

InfoMullet: Nuclear-Beef

TLDR UpFront: North Korea originally walked back its threat to strike the United States Territory of Guam with a missile strike. That concluded the first ever “Twitter War” between two nuclear capable countries. However, the de-escalation is credited to back-channel negotiations that occurred at the United Nations more than a Twitter feed. Despite the heated

InfoMullet: Bl@ck $ails

TLDR UpFront: In less than two days a wave of sophisticated ransomware attacks spread across Eastern and Western Europe, Britain and South East Asia. Distributed via phishing emails that when clicked, activated stolen NSA malware which froze access to the computer system until the user sends the equivalent of ~$300 in BitCoin currency to regain

InfoMullet: Partisanship Hits FBI Comey & Going

TLDR UpFront: On Tuesday evening the White House fired FBI Director Comey on the recommendations of the Attorney General. After two days of statements from Executive and Congressional leadership – President Trump blew a hole in his own administrations narrative by saying he would’ve fired Comey regardless. Now confusion has turned into crisis and the

Lawyer Up Part I

TLDR Up Front: Contrary to reporting Trump has neither “withdrawn” the Executive Order (EO) or the case. But by lawyer-ing up and revising the EO he does improve his odds before facing an en banc hearing before the full 9th Circuit; if not court shop and face a different circuit altogether. However, it’s not clear

InfoMullet: State of Confusion

TLDR Upfront: By Friday evening three Federal Judges in three separate hearings issued three different sets of rulings on President Trump’s Executive Order seeking to ban all travel from seven countries for national security reasons. Earlier in the evening the emergency stay prohibiting the ban on visa travel from being implemented was removed, allowing the

InfoMullet: Judge Not

TLDR UpFront: A Samson-like Mega Mullet. As unlawful detentions at airports mounted over the weekend at least three Federal judges intervened individually with emergency injunctions to stay President Trump’s Executive Order. The stays temporarily overturn the immigration ban while leaving in place the legal dismantling of the refugee program and a jobs-for-bureaucrats stimulus policy review.