Reality and Models of Perceiving Reality

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This is text recreated as a blog entry to preserve formulas originally written on large butcher sheets of paper in 10/1/97. The formulas used symbols I inveted – I sill have the sheets now protected in slipcovers. Looking back with hindisght it was clear I was struggling to understand complex systems and a way of conceiving of reality that included metaphysics. This is the first written conceptuliazation of a geometric progression of perception I had first learned in Missoula, MT circa 1993-94.  So this documents two steps along the journey which would eventually lead me to study system dynamics and write the Companion. All capitalized terms have specific definitions that are probably not generally accepted usage. Comments on research at conclusion.


Reality Definitions:

Prime Reality (Rsub1) = absolute (Creation Destruction) Core Reality (Rsub0) = ??

General Reality (Rsub2) = Einstein’s Theory of relativity (Gravity acting in some manner with Time and Mass) …get details!!!

Unified Reality (Rsub3) = Q

Q = [Gravity acting in some manner with Time acting in some manner with Magnetism acting in some manner with Magic acting in some manner with Creating acting in some manner with Destruction] Acting Upon [Mass acting in some manner with Mind acting in some manner with Soul acting in some manner with Faith acting in some manner with Light acting in some manner with AllElemenstEnergies (subset of Mass) acting in some manner with EverythingI’veMissed]

Dream Reality(Rsubd) = Reality where (Rsub2 Rsub3) can be perceived by the Mind but (Rsub2 Rsub3) are dependent on the Mind Models of Perceiving Reality Dependent Relationship


Perception Model Assumptions:

I. (Gravity Magnetism) are dependent on Mass Mass can be affected by (Gravity Magnetism) (Gravity Magnetism) can be perceived by Mass

II. Magic is dependent on the Mind Magic can be perceived by the Mind

III. (Creation Destruction) is dependent on nothing. (Creation Destruction) can be perceived by nothing. Prime Reality(CreationDestruction) can be affected by nothing.

IV Time acts upon (Mass Mind) Time can be perceived by (Mass Mind) Time is dependent on (Mass Mind) Theorem: X is dependent on Y therefore X can be perceived by Y therefore X can be affected by Y and vice versa

Applications: One can only affect what one can perceive. One can only perceive what one can affect. What one is affected by, one can perceive. When one perceives, one already has ability to affect.

Geometric Perception Model (This model was taught by an instructor in Montana). Assumptions: 1D = 1st Dimension: A dot perceives nothing therefore there is nothing although there is a dot.

2D = 2nd Dimension: In a line a dot perceives a dot in front and behind it therefore it believes there are are only dots i.e. 1st Dimension although all the dots in the line form the 2nd Dimension.

3D = 3rd Dimension: In a cubic matter everything is a plane, but in a plane a line can only perceive other lines therefore it believes there are only lines i.e. 2nd Dimension, even though it is in the 3rd Dimension.

4D = 4th Dimension: In a metaphysical environment (mind) a metaphysical only perceives three-dimensional objects, mistakenly believing itself in the 3rd Dimension even though it is in the 4th. Pattern continues progressively, 5D only perceives 4D, 6D only perceives 5D etc. etc.

Theorem: X perceives (X-1stage) but X can be affected by Xstage activities

Applications: We always perceive one stage earlier than where we exist. We can be affected by what we cannot perceive. Once we perceive a thing we are already one stage beyond it. We do not automatically perceive what we are affected by. This creates a contradiction between the Geometric Model and the Dependent Relationship model of perceiving reality. Potential solution: We are bound to Geometric Model until we become SelfAware of our place in the environment, not just the environment itself. If, for example, the dot perceives not only the nothing of void around it in 1D, but also itself in the form of a dot then it can utilize Dependent Relationships.

SelfAware = X is dependent on Y therefore X can be perceived by Y therefore X can be affected by Y and vice versa NotSelfAware = X perceives (X-1stage) but X can be affected by Xstage activities (Reason for striving to become SelfAware.)

Comments: The above is just research and notes on metaphysics. I’m not a physicist nor even have a strong grasp of science. This means there’s a lot of basic scientific facts I’m completely without (like what the Relativity Theory of Einstein was or how Magnetism affects Mass or Gravity). Rather then spend ten or twenty years studying then coming back to give me a grasp on natural sciences before I tried my hand at supernatural sciences I took a cheaters shortcut. I stared at a blank piece of paper and kept imagining farther out into reality, stripping away layers of complexity, until I had a place where my mental imagination could take me no further. I can envision realities where Mass, Gravity, Time, Divinity, Magic, Distance, Space all didn’t exist but I couldn’t imagine past a Reality where there wasn’t a Creative or Destructive force at work. To me that’s the Prime Mover Unmoved and I labeled that place Prime Reality (Creation Destruction). From there I began working backwards from that point filling in blanks until I got to a place where I could actually work through problems. Since it took too long to write out concepts I used symbols to denote concepts as well as interactions. These interactions (like a + or a – in a mathematical formula) helped my put down ideas as expressions. However the process is anything but scientific and somewhat laughable at how vague it is. I created symbol’s to denote an interaction I couldn’t explain, one that I “suspected” modified on another in some manner but wasn’t sure. Another symbol I used to indicate everything I didn’t know about a subject or concept. At one point, when defining the reality I believe encompasses everything (Rsub3) I named it Q after the Star Trek figure who seemed to hvae such a good handle on warping that reality. I’m not sure how to recreate the symbols to use them on LJ or whether it would even be worth it in terms of archiving these documents. There are other drawings that would be hard to transfer as well. I didn’t start the sheet intending to work with perceptions of reality, that’s just how the process unfolded going out to Prime Reality and working backwards to how we perceive it. The sheet is 3′ x 3′ and this is just one corner of it. There are two sheets like this filled with writing and several notebooks I will be transferring for LJ to have a backup copy of them somewhere. (I’m also saving text-files to my computer of everything I post). There is no form or process to my research, the topics switch quite frequently depending on what type of problem I wanted to try and tackle and what my mind was interested at the time. For that reason the LJ posts documenting this (transferring it from paper to electronic medium) will be equally as scattered and shotgun in approach. I may eventually organize things somewhat but for now it’s more research notes than anything else so I don’t feel the need to be too organized about it.

Tim C.

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