Black Holes Researching Metaphysics

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This is a continuation of the notes described on 10/20/2002. This is text recreated as a blog entry to preserve formulas originally written on large butcher sheets of paper in 10/1/97. The formulas used symbols I invented – I still have the sheets now protected in slipcovers. All capitalized terms have specific definitions that probably do not match common usage.)

Notes: (Metaphysics or Divinity) cannot be perceived directly in a measurable way. Blackholes cannot be perceived directly in a measurable way. Blackholes can be perceived as acting on Gravity, Magnetism, and Light Therefore blackholes are only able to be measurably studied (currently) by the effects they create on Gravity, Magnetism, and Light. Therefore until the means to measure Gravity, Magnetism, and Light existed, Blackholes could not be studied scientifically.

Assumption: Metaphysics/divinity can only be measurably studied (currently) by the effects they create. Until means to measure the “effects” exist, Metaphysics cannot be studied scientifically.

Question: What are the measurable effects? What are the means to study? What does Metaphysics or Divinity “affect”? Comments: It always bothered me that the study of metaphysics, a rich history of academic pursuit, was abandoned in the age of reason. At that time if it couldn’t be measured in a physical science it couldn’t be studied. This viewpoint held sway for many centuries until we got into the sub-atomic and/or quantum physic studies where we no longer can physically measure what we’re studying, but instead measure it’s effects on surrounding environments. The question of course is begged on that how do you study metaphysics/divinities effects on the environment? Divinity seems easier to gauge effects (since it is neigh impossible to gauge belief).

Tim C.

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