Monthly Archive:: November 2002

Synergistic Dualism Definition

Synergistic dualism was a term I coined freshmen year of Missoula, MT. Looking back this was an initial struggle in conceptualizing what I would later come to recognize as emergence and the dual interaction of bottom-up and top-down causal mechanisms within a complex system.  Some of these concepts I was only able to formalize late

HistoricalMullet: Update on “Independent” Commission

The Independent Commission on 9/11 is approved - though it hardly seems independent.

HistoricalMullet: Lou Dobbs goes Hip (and fails)

When reporting the news story of the police raids on Marion “Suge” Knights record label not only did good ol’ Lou mispronounce “Suge” as “Sew-gee” he then went on to say the record producer had formerly represented slain rapper “Tupac Shaker”. (1) Stick to the financial markets Lou. (1)

HistoricalMullet: A good idea of Bush’s

A proposal to curtail the power of the 'blue slip' indefinite delays, without even a filibuster, of judicial nominees.