HistoricalMullet: Update on “Independent” Commission

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The Independent Commission on 9/11 is approved  – though it hardly seems independent. Original discussion included in first comment. 

Congress did manage to squeak out passage of a bill early this morning on an independent commission into 9/11. (1) So 1,800 deaths receives: 10 congressional members (half democrat and half republican), only 18months for an investigation, and to subpoena anyone takes a majority vote of the committee And Bill Clinton’s blowjob receives: 1 Special Prosecutor, 6 years, $30+ million dollars and all the powers of government brought to bear to to imprison and jail witnesses compelling them to testify Somehow I’m still underwhelmed by the conservatives perspective on matters such as national security vs. sexual picadillo’s.

(1) http://www.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/11/15/congress.commission/index.html


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