Monthly Archive:: March 2003

HistoricalMullet: The Road to War (TIME)

An excellent, well-researched, and very in-depth effort by Time chronicling key decision makers on the war and how their thoughts came to that conclusion over a period of years, as well as the impact of 9/11 and the potential changes that event may have on future policy decisions. Don’t let the first sentence set you

HistoricalMullet: Turkey and Iraq Opposition

Man Bush can’t win a break on the diplomatic front. Turkey’s now moving it’s army to a 12mile occupation zone inside northern Iraq. Given their recent conversations at Ankara with Iranian envoys I fervently hope we can stop them from a Partition of Poland part Deux. This one really gets me, Bush is liberating Iraq,

HistoricalMullet: Have the Iraqis Duped Us?

Five days into the invasion my first public military analysis and criticism. Some of it I ended up being wrong on, but I think I got more right than wrong over the long term. Check out the discussion for additional Q&A engaged with at the time. (Ed 9/30/2023) It seems to be the mother-of-all psyche-outs

Historical Mullet: Turkey Still Rumbling

One of my variables for concern in the Iraq conflict would be the actions of Turkey in trying to invade northern Iraq, apparently, that hasn’t been settled yet and I hope it is soon. Fortunately, no missiles were launched at Israel and hopefully, US positions have now contained the territory where they could be launched

Historical Mullet: Now we’re Americans

Willing, unwilling, pleased, displeased, Republican, Democrat, radical moderate, left-wing, right-wing, cynical, optimistic, concerned, eager, for it and against it at this point forward we’re all Americans. The beautiful thing about this country is we can have a peaceful revolt of the government on a periodic basis, we can express our feelings for this action down

HistoricalMullet: Phew! At least we have Portugal!

On the eve of the US invasion of Iraq the "Coalition of the Willing" leaves much to be desired, as does the case for war on the basis of an imminent threat. This is the last post in the "Between 9/11 and the Iraq War" Historical Mullet series. Original discussion is included in the first