HistoricalMullet: Iraq Al-Queda: Why are we searching in Iraq?

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We’re spending a lot of time on the ground looking for evidence Iraq was directly linked with Al-Queda (it being one of the reasons we went to war).

But don’t we have in our custody, and have had for the last year, the top operations planner of Al-Queda? The “COO” of the group so to speak? When they arrested this guy (name escapes me right now) last year it was all over the press how this individual knew the in’s and out’s of the Al-Queda operation and how information from him was actively being used to disrupt Al-Queda cells.

It was his information leading to the Buffalo sleeper cell being broken up. So has he (or the other top Al-Queda leaders we’ve captured) not talked yet about Iraq (seems odd he would protect Iraq and give up sleeper cells), has he provided the smoking gun but we’re looking for collabarative evidence? It seems very odd to me we’re looking to prove a link between Iraq and Al-Queda in Iraq when we already have the people “who would know” in our own custody.

Tim C.

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