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A Quick Rant on Political Correctness

This post is inspired by (redacted) and the response given there by one individual. I’ve also seen a lot of the same types of responses recently posted on a lot of forums, expressed on TV etc. where the argument rages over whether politically correct has gone to far or not far enough. rant-on This is

Search Replace: Iraq with Syria….Syria with Iran

It’s hard to isolate where “This May be Satire” began. Some sources would posit that 3rd grade play where I was Prince John and a delay in rotating scenes left me having to do improvised standup for an audience of parents that were generous enough to laugh at my 3rd grade improvised standup jokes, in

MM-Game Thoughts: Hard Mechanic Advancement Methods

Continued game design theory on MM-LARPs in building the foundations of Gnostica. (Ed. 10/1/2023) Hard Mechanic Power Advancement Methods Advancement methods (regardless of the specific names I’ll call them XP) regulate the progression of a character’s advancement in power in hard mechanic powers and abilities. Advancement methods play a critical role in game design, as

MM-Game Thoughts: Hard Mechanics Power vs. Soft Mechanics Power

Continued discussion on the concept of “MM-LARPs” and documenting my game design theory as I began working on Gnostica. (Ed. 10/1/2023) There is an important distinction to be made between the acquisition of hard mechanic power and the acquisition of soft mechanic power. Here are the definitions I’m working under. This is not to be

HistoricalMullet: Spidey-Senses Tingling

Not entirely sure what this was about, but given the Discussion in the comments I suspect it was a growing belief that the Iraq War was building up to go horribly wrong along with increased op-tempo of AQ which had launched several successful bombings earlier in May. (10/1/2023) Ever have a feeling something monumentally bad

MM-Game Thoughts: Difficult Implementation vs. Redesign

One of several deep considerations of the mechanics and themes of LARPs prior to writing Gnostica. (Ed. 10/1/2023)   Today’s topic is kind of broad: can difficult implementation be eliminated by design and redesign. At what point should a difficult implementation of a concept or offering in a massively multiplayer LARP or online game be

HistoricalMullet: Bizzare Political News

A short note reflecting the Democratic Decampment in 2003, with longer followup Discussion. (Ed. 10/1/2023)   Just when you thought you’d seen it all I’ve never heard of arrest warrants being issued ‘en masse for almost the majority of a single political party in a state legislature but in this case I think it’s deserved.

Credo at Age 18

A recollection of where my personal philosophy stood at age 18 in 1992 as I graduated high school, preserved on the blog in 2003, and reviewed now in 2023. Ironically almost exactly 10 and 30 years apart. Interesting to identify precursors and divergences from the Way of Walking Alone and the Companion; personality traits that