HistoricalMullet: Spidey-Senses Tingling

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Not entirely sure what this was about, but given the Discussion in the comments I suspect it was a growing belief that the Iraq War was building up to go horribly wrong along with increased op-tempo of AQ which had launched several successful bombings earlier in May. (10/1/2023)

Ever have a feeling something monumentally bad on multiple fronts is going to happen and soon? I’ve been having that feeling all morning long and it’s growing. I think it’s a problem with associative thinking, I see disparate totally unrelated events and draw connections between them. Anyways today has turned into a not-so-fun day because of it but I’m gonna put my head down, focus on my research paper, and still show up for class tonight/tomorrow/next day. Hopefully, the worries are unfounded.

Tim C.


Oh? What’s up?

That day, and continuing through today, I’ve just had “behind the concious” thoughts that something very bad on multiple fronts (economic, terrorist, disease etc.) was about to happen. It’s not like there’s any real reason for it, just that I noticed a lot of different things coming together at the same time on the morning I posted this.

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