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HistoricalMullet: Weak Reasoning on Iraq-AQ Connection Arguments

Using some deductive reasoning to interrogate the Iraq-AQ connection and disentangling AQI from being in Iraq with AW working -with- Iraq. Also yes, 20 years from when this was posted there were documentaries about how Saudia Arabia was never held to account over 9/11. (Ed. 10/2/2023) Before the Iraq war, I wondered why we had

HistoricalMullet: Pure Coincidence I’m Sure

It’s well established now, but at the time One of the main whistleblowers in the UK, the “unnamed” source indicating the British goverment may have “sexed up” WMD intelligence before the war has gone missing. They might have found his body but police aren’t sure yet. Tim C.

HistoricalMullet: Calling it now – Wesley Enters Presidential Race by November

I’m gonna make a prediction and say that Gen. Wesley Clark enters the 2004 Presidential race no later than November 2003. The current Dem. the field is too cluttered, and too cluttered with unlikelies IMO, if Clark enters as a Darkhorse (1) candidate he can sweep all but the most viable (Kerry and that other

HistoricalMullet: In counterpoint to be fair…

Not a fan of Chabali even before it was cool to dislike him. (Ed. 10/2/2023) Bremer has announced appointing 20-35 prominent Iraqis to a national council as a first step to a constitutional body. Preference is given to those Iraqis who remained in Iraq rather than exiles and include a Shiite cleric. Now I can’t

HistoricalMullet: Nice to see Clintinoism is still in form

Evidence continues to accumulate that the pretext for invasion (WMD and links to AQ) are not going to manifest and President Bush is in full dissemble mode. Note the Discussion at the end for implication of domestic politics and forecast of the situation on the ground in 2004. (Ed. 10/2/2023) The CIA’s going to get

HistoricalMullet: Liberia

I’ve got a few days off from school and this second I’m not doing kneecap stuff so I might as well engage in some rambling on foreign policy. Today’s topic is Liberia. What to say? The US is considering deploying 2000 troops to war-torn Liberia. In a break with my more liberal friends, I really

HistoricalMullet: WalMart to protect Gays/Lesbians from Bias

Damn, this makes it harder to hate the corporate overlords….er…I mean America’s Company.   Tim C.