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HistoricalMullet: No independent counsel on Wilson-Leak

An early point of view of the simmering distrust I had of independent counsels based on Clinton’s Presidency. Note the Discussion as it gets more into the nuance between independent counsel, special prosecutor, and career staffer prosecutor. (Ed. 10/3/2023) On the Wilson-CIA-Whitehouse leak, my opinion is there shouldn’t be any independent counsel. We saw how

HistoricalMullet: Chalabi Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

Chalabi shows his colors as soon as he’s on the ground in Iraq undermining US policy that put him on the ground there with forign cache in the first place. (Ed. 103/2/2023) Been a week or so, personal update to follow but today’s political vent. Chalabi was the Pentagon’s hand-picked, “leader in the wings” for

HistoricalMullet: Two years too late the administration finally admits it….

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld begins the back pedal on the claim linking Saddam and AQ coordination on 9/11. And I respond to a neo-con back pedaling cover for Rumsfeld. (Ed. 10/3/2023) At a Pentagon news conference, Rumsfeld was asked about a poll that indicated nearly 70 percent of respondents believed the Iraqi leader probably was

HistoricalMullet: It’s Official – Wesley Clark Enters Presidential Race

Not the hardest forecast I ever made. Note the Discussion below the main post which is about 10x more interesting. . (Ed. 10/3/2023) Wesley Clark is going to announce it tomorrow. It is going to be interesting, he’s late in the campaign but still with a lot of time. He’s also got a very experienced

Atlas Shrugged Essay – Critiques Please

At the time I was the only person on the planet, apparently who had never heard of Ayn Rand or “Atlas Shrugged.” But I saw they had a scholarship for $1,000 with a deadline a week away and I needed money. So I read the entirety of Atlas Shrugged in 5 days and wrote the

HistoricalMullet: Wouldn’t we look stupid if Saudi Arabia was the backer of Al-Queda…

and not Iraq…,9171,1101030908-480226,00.html?cnn=yes DISCUSSION I’ll read it in a bit – But isn’t it obvious that most of the hijackers were Saudi and Egyptian? It actually goes a LOT deeper (and higher up than that). Why would the COO of Al-Queda know the personal telephone numbers of Saudi Royalty? And when duped into believing