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(One of the earlier formations of “No State has a Right to Tyranny”, ed. 10/18/2023)

The road to lasting tyranny is not paved in obvious methods of oppression but simply the cultivation of fear.


Tim C.



Have you read a ‘Road to Serfdom?’

Nope, just read this article today:


“”Some claim we should not have acted because the threat from [deposed Iraqi President] Saddam Hussein was not imminent,” Cheney said. “Terrorist enemies of our country hope to strike us with the most lethal weapons known to man, and it would be reckless in the extreme to rule out action and save our worries until the day they strike.””

That’s like saying “if you question me, your family and everyone you care about may die, so why are you questioning me? don’t you understand the risk?”

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