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HistoricalMullet: Moore’s Announcement – Article IIIUS Constitution

Well between Michael Jackson getting booked and the Medicare bill Roy Moore didn’t quite have the bully pulpit he did the week prior to make his announcement that would “change the course of the nation”. I’ve searched but can’t find any information about his previously mentioned Thursday press conference, though in digging around I did

HistoricalMullet: What organizations are supporting the right to gay marriage?

Is there a national alliance of groups or a single group? In all the newspaper articles I read about anti-gay marriage groups building up their organization and getting more support, but I never see mention of the pro-groups. Does anyone know whom these are? Tim C.

HistoricalMullet: Moore’s Announcement – Place your bets here

Lest we forget former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore will be making an announcement tomorrow that will “change the course of this nation”. Place your bets here on his announcement, here’s mine (in no particular order): He will be announcing that he is running for the Alabama Senate Position currently held by Shelby,

HistoricalMullets: Woohoo! Gay marriage ban overturned in MA!

HistoricalMullet: I *knew* “imminent threat” was out there…

It’s been the big hullabaloo to toss around “imminent threat” in the debate on Iraq. The Dem’s say Bush/Powell/Rumsfield said it (which they didn’t), the Rep’s say it was never implied (which it was), but what always nags me is that there’s a reference to the terminology “imminent threat” that I never heard come up

Historical Mullet: Standing Applause

Here’s a round for the Alabama Ethics Panel. The full ruling of the Ethics Panel can be found at The document provides a compelling case for both the removal of Moore and the inaccuracy of his central argument that he must obey the preamble of the Alabama Constitution in maintaining his oath as judge.

HistoricalMullet: Stupid Legislative Pet Tricks

Tonight is the 30hour talk-a-thon in the Senate, perhaps the silliest maneuver I’ve seen since the Texas state legislature fled the state. At least in Texas there wasn’t the risk of bad law being brought through in their absence, here there’s a real danger of some nation-wide law being put into place without debate. Full

HistoricalMullet: My plan for Iraq

Just jotting down notes I’ve been thinking about for the last few months. Hidden behind the LJ cut for those who don’t care. I doubt the below would ever happen, it’s very politically risky, but it seems to me the most assured way of achieving success in Iraq at this point and heading off the

HistoricalMullet: Today’s Throw-Away Plot

I’ve decided to start writing down the story/book plotlines that spring into my head on an almost a weekly, sometimes daily basis. None of these make it to “first base” in my writing process. (1) To purge the hard drive and pretend I’m still involved in the creative process during school I’ll post theses up

HistoricalMullet: Green River Killer Pleads Guilty to 48 Murders

Listening to CNN as Ridgway is pleading guilty to the Green River Killings. These crimes may not be well known east of the Missippi but I grew up throughout the 80’s hearing about the Green River murders and it was almost like clockwork when bodies were found several times a year. In an odd way