HistoricalMullet: Moore’s Announcement – Place your bets here

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Lest we forget former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore will be making an announcement tomorrow that will “change the course of this nation”. Place your bets here on his announcement, here’s mine (in no particular order):

  1. He will be announcing that he is running for the Alabama Senate Position currently held by Shelby, Congressional Positions (there are 7 open on Nov 2. but I don’t know where Moore lives), or other high-visibility political office.

  2. He may even declare he’s running for President.

  3. Alone or in combination with 1 or 2 he announces the formation of a new political party focusing on issues of Christian Conservativism. A split between the Republicans and Christian Conservatives has been brewing for a decade and a half. The Ten Commandments issue, pledge of allegiance, and recent rulings in favor of homosexuals may confront the evangelicals with abandoning their alliance with Republicans as being too moderate and having too large a tent. Moore has the national credibility in the movement to tap others like Gary Bauer, Alan Keyes, etc. may think this is the time to make a political party solely to push forward CC causes.

  4. He’ll postpone the press release because God told him the time wasn’t right yet. =)

Tim C.



Do you think the Republicans will divorce with the Christians?

As a registered Republican I would really appreciate seeing them divorced from the Christian coalition, but that base has been so important to their campaign strategies and financial success I’m not sure they can afford to lose them.

Personally, I’d like to see about 2-3 additional viable parties crop up each gaining, maybe 5-10% of the national electorate in the House and Senate. It would take a decade or two to unwind the two-party system, but it’s destroying this country.

could probably drive the Democrats right out of business.

I actually think the Democratic party is withering on the vine just fine on it’s own, barring a Kennedy-esque like superstar (no one in the current field is it) to rally the energy the party dies within the decade unless it fundamentally changes some of its platform issues.

He’s going to make a martyr of himself. 

It’s ten times harder to expose the failings and fallacies of a martyr than it is a living politician, heck living politicians usually expose failings well enough by themselves given time and a soptlight. =)

Do you want any other Wicked-Wish advice? 

Dear Wicked_Wish Advice Columist,

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