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HistoricalMullet: Becuase white people can’t be terrorists…(rant inside)

(an early articulation of what would be better argued by Kilcullen as the ‘Accidental Guerilla effect’ as well as some good-for-the-time forecast on what would, or wouldn’t happen, over time with Iraq, be sure to check out Q&A Discussion below post ed. 11-5-2023) This is why I’m glad we check grandma’s getting on airplanes (see

HistoricalMullet: Bill of Rights: 1 President: 0

Excellent news. Padillio to be transferred to civilian detention within 30 days, I wonder when the other shoe will drop from the White House. They could appeal it to the Supreme Court or make a real gamble and transport Padilla outside the US claiming he’s outside the jurisdiction of the appeals court. Hopefully, they’ll just

HistoricalMullet: Saddam Possibly Caught

  Details coming out at a 7 a.m. news conference. There have been false alarms in the past, but hopefully, this one is legit. Catching Saddam would qualify as a “really good Christmas present” in my opinion. It’d weaken the Baathist-led resistance which is one of the three resistance factions in Iraq, and long term