HistoricalMullet: Bill of Rights: 1 President: 0

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Excellent news.

Padillio to be transferred to civilian detention within 30 days, I wonder when the other shoe will drop from the White House. They could appeal it to the Supreme Court or make a real gamble and transport Padilla outside the US claiming he’s outside the jurisdiction of the appeals court. Hopefully, they’ll just stick with the US Supreme Court.

However, I think the inconsistent handling of US citizens and the Fed’s assumption of powers they don’t have hopefully will be coming to an end. Few people probably know what Star Chamber justice was in 18th Century England or France, and how large a role it played in the American Revolution, but defense to prevent a return to that system can be found throughout the Bill of Rights. If we can crack open Gitmo as well we can return this war on terrorism to where it needs to be, focused on improving security but not at the cost of freedom or the due process of law in this country.



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