Monthly Archive:: January 2004

HistoricalMullet: Some nights the world changes (Geert Hoffstede)

(even 17 years later Hoffstede’s research on cultural dimensions remains informative especially when combined with the Albion Seed insights, both discussed below. Really helped me understand how varied cultural dimensions can be and how deeply anchored those cultures can become based on first-mover effects ed. 11-5-2023) Every once in a while you come across a

HistoricalMullet: Blast from the Past and Bad News for Bush

(first reference to “Clinton’s Blue Dress Moment” to what would prove a growing realization within the Bush administration that they were totally in error invading Iraq that led to an about-face leading into his second term, ed 11-5-2023)  I first wrote my thoughts on Bush’s pre-emption doctrine 15 months ago after it was first released

HistoricalMullet: Vermont and Massachusetts lead the way today as they did in the past

(continuing to track the development of same-sex and gay marriage this post also includes, in the discussion, what I think is the first question & answer on the potential for a US Civil War over Red v. Blue divides and my first response that civil wars take generations to develop and usually a central dividing

HistoricalMullet: Bush’s Immigration Plan

(as far as I know, an early if not the first in a long history of InfoMullet posts on illegal immigration in the US addressing five topics: security, language, criminality, ‘job-taking’, and encouraging further immigration that remains contentious debates through today ed. 11-5-2023) Got out of class two hours early this evening so I thought