HistoricalMullet: Tracking Ukrainian Crisis in Live Time with Wikipedia

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TLDRUpFront: Media literacy in tracking the Russian-Ukrainian War in live time.

Don’t let the naysayers mislead you – Wikipedia is one of the best sources in live time to understand complex topics. Just remember to read the Discussion page!

One of the interesting uses of Wikipedia is to track real crises in live time. The information flow is very rapid – and the Talk page usually has a wealth of detail from the opposing sides. Two wiki entries that will be interesting to watch in the next few weeks, are the Crimean Crisis overall page, and the Crimean Referendum page about the planned March 30th referendum on Crimean status.
The choices for the referendum are (from other sources):
  1. Stay autonomous within Ukraine
  2. Breakaway from Ukraine and become independent
  3. Breakaway from Ukraine and join Russia