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This May be Satire: Declining Olympic Security Conditions Prompt Another Nation to Withdraw

Aug 16, 22016 Brazil.  After the recent security issues at the Olympics including muggings, the armed robbery of the US men’s swimming team and police admitting they could not keep visitors safe – another country has withdrawn its athletes from competing and has advised its citizens not to travel to Rio. On Tuesday the Islamic

This May Be Satire: Come to Jesus meeting held between Trump & RNC

August 12, 2016 Orlando, FL After what has been described as a “come-to-Jesus” meeting by RNC insiders, an angry Trump lashed out at his host to the campaign press pool before getting on his campaign bus.   “This Jesus guy, not a nice fellow,” Trump began. “Not a nice fellow at all. Said some unkind

InfoMullet: Battle of Five Armies Part III “Fatahl Attraction”

TLDR Upfront: The encirclement of Aleppo by pro-Assad forces has been broken by an unheard of coordinated assault by two rebel coalitions. In response, Iran has sent elite paramilitary units from Iraq and Lebanon into the breach while Russia conducts a sustained air campaign on rebel positions. Once again an “all-in” four-way conflict between five

InfoMullet: Anatoldyaso

TLDR Upfront: Aside from obvious short-term civil and human rights concerns arising from Erdogan's purge, a medium-term risk looms large. Turkey's permanent exit off the pathway to European Union membership may signal an end to fifty-five year effort to integrate Turkey and the European mainland. Such a shift, especially if it included ejection from NATO