Monthly Archive:: October 2016

InfoMullet: 50 Shades of Restraint

TLDR Up Front: For months the Dakota protest camp was on Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) land and USACE signaled it would not require them to leave. However on Sunday a smaller group set up a new camp on a private ranch impeding access on public highway - leading to a confrontation when police cleared

InfoMullet: Dire Straits

TLDR Up Front: A Russian naval aircraft carrier group, including 40 fighter air craft, is moving into the Mediterranean. They are believed to be enroute to the eastern Mediterranean to join operations in the unrestricted and unopposed bombing of Aleppo. Spain has agreed to allow Russia to refuel its ships in Cueta, a territorial holding

InfoMullet: We Besiege Thee, Hear Us

TLDR Upfront: The siege of Mosul has begun. This battle represents the last major offensive in Iraq to clear ISIS of holding territory in the country.

This May be Satire: Playing to Lose

Lose AP – Manhattan, Saturday, Oct 8, 2016 A refreshed, relaxed, and prepared Coach Trump and his campaign team held a pre-game press conference before Sunday’s 2nd Presidential debate offering insights into how they had turned what had been a tightening race into a rout and complete collapse. “First and foremost, on behalf of the

Grozny Rules & Salafi-Takfiri States

TLDRUpFront: Yesterday marked Day 8 of the unrestricted and unopposed bombing of Aleppo - with Russian thermobaric bombs, cluster munitions, and Syrian barrel bombs being used to destroy the civilian population and demolish the last major trauma hospital operating.