Site Update: Soft Launch of the InfoMullet!

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Welcome to the “soft launch” of the InfoMullet! Getting this blog off the ground has been a year long effort. I originally wanted to launch the InfoMullet blog in time for the Presidential election but then decided to spend a year practicing. Comfortable with that I went into research and production mode beginning after the elections with a goal to launch prior to the inauguration. Didn’t quite hit that but it’s close.  More on the story of the InfoMullet in the About page for those who are interested.

What does a soft-launch mean:

  • Stuff may still be broken. There is an error reporting function on the bottom of every page and post. Please use this to log errors, and not the comments.
  • I’m still learning WordPress, and features/functionality users want may not be present. Use this post and comment to discuss or request what those may be. This includes additional networks you wish to share posts on socially, additional social logins you’d wish to see etc.  Unless it’s crucial however I may want to lock down the site and fix what I’m hoping are not an inordinate amount of bugs.
  • You must be a member to post, and I am *NOT* allowing anonymous members. This means a user must register with a Social Login (currently Google+, Facebook or Twitter). This comes strongly recommended by comment managers whose experience I trust.
  • There are currently six ways to follow the InfoMullet:
    1. Via the site itself.
    2. On one of two RSS Feeds available on the right hand side
    3. Via an email list when you receive an update as posts are made.
    4. Via the Weekly Mulleteer, a newsletter that collects all posts made in a week.
    5. Via a Facebook InfoMullet page you can add to your feed.
    6. Via a Twitter @InfoMullet.
  • The last two methods have the lease development on them, resembling something between a ghost-town and a no-frills diner. I’m going to be incrementally adding functionality to them. But my priority is to get the Blog itself rock solid first before spending a bunch of time on them.
  • I’m still loading lots of old content. This may never be done, I have content going back to 2002 that fits the criteria of an InfoMullet and may eventually make it here. I am working my way backwards chronologically through time and thematically across the different categories. If the content is relevant to current issues I will send it through the email subscriber list for updates as posts are made. Otherwise I won’t, but they may still show up in the weekly Mulleteer newsletters.  As always, check the dates of what comes across before you share anything.
  • All new InfoMullet content will be going through this site and shared out, I will no longer be making direct InfoMullet posts on social media. So there’s that.

So with that let me open the doors and please excuse the sawdust.   Thank you for your support over the years, it means a great deal.


Tim C.




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