Monthly Archive:: June 2017

Peace or War in Middle East now tied to Georgia 6th District Special Run-off Election

TLDR up Front: With tensions in the Middle East already running high after a ballistic missile launch by Iran, the shoot-down of a Syrian bomber and armed Iranian drone by US military fighter planes - all eyes have turned west to watch today’s special-election in Georgia’s 6th District between Jon Ossof (Dem) and Karen Handel

InfoMullet: Kabul dodges two bullets.

TLDR Up Front: Negotiations between protest camps blocking routes through the city and President Ghani were facilitated by the lower parliament, which appears to have largely sided with the protesters. The plan goes to the full parliament on Monday for a vote. President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah, the rivals at the heart of the

InfoMullet: The Coming Collapse – Waiting for a Coup in Kabul

TLDR: The Afghan capitol of Kabul has reached the tipping point where conditions are ripe for a coup within as little as a few weeks. In the most likely scenario Abdullah Abdullah, the second highest politician in the country would seek the ouster of President Ghani. Understanding the conditions requires understanding the ethnographic factions

InfoMullet: The Ghost vs. The Shadow Commander – ISIS Attacks Iran

TLDR Up Front: In two separate attacks, militants struck simultaneously at the Iranian parliament and the mausoleum of the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini. Downplaying the attacks by focusing on casualties or containment is a serious mistake. Iranian politics exist in a precariously balanced ‘suspended equilibrium’ between formal Constitutional titular offices and informal factions of relationships