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Media Literacy: Spotting Suspect Surveys

Media Literacy: It's not enough to be able to spot click-bait websites or suspect headlines. Understanding what makes an opinion poll suspect is just as important. But that doesn't mean to ignore all statistics out-of-hand. FiveThirtyEight has put together a guide for spotting shoddy work that doesn't require an advanced degree in math. It requires

InfoMullet: Nuclear-Beef

TLDR UpFront: North Korea originally walked back its threat to strike the United States Territory of Guam with a missile strike. That concluded the first ever “Twitter War” between two nuclear capable countries. However, the de-escalation is credited to back-channel negotiations that occurred at the United Nations more than a Twitter feed. Despite the heated

InfoMullet: Once more into the breach dear friends…

TLDR Up Front: After months of consideration President Trump is expected to announce a new Afghanistan strategy tomorrow night. Although he had previously authorized Secretary of Defense Mattis to increase troop levels by 2,000-3,000 over the ~9,000 US soldiers already stationed there, Mattis has refused absent a broader Afghan strategy articulated by the President. There