BONUS ROUND Q13: Israel’s election?

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As a bonus round here’s my favorite forecast, which was the non-forecast on Israel’s election. This was Unlucky Question 13, which should’ve been a warning sign all on it’s own.

2018 New Year’s Eve Forecast (What’s this?)

Getting back to this I’m going to have to pass. I just don’t track Israeli local politics close enough on a regular basis to feel that I even have the basis to do a more in-depth research on the topic to even evaluate reasonable scenarios.



Turns out that in passing the question I made the best forecast I could’ve. Because no one else had a clue what might happen either.

 Israel is now on it’s third subsequent election cycle with no clear result or new government. If this goes on for much longer they may have to start calling it “election…n+1” or “Election v5.0.”

 Either way I’m not taking any questions on the Israeli election tomorrow. Why break what is clearly a winning habit? 🙂


Score: #DIV/0!


Running Total: 10.5 out of 12

Final Grade: 87.5%!


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