Missed Opportunities with the WhistleBlower Scandal

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The InfoMullet regrets nothing. Our advice is free. Ignoring it incurs the cost. And Democrats may be regretting not acting on the gift-wrapped #Resistance pointed out by the InfoMullet in June, when President Trump admitted in an interview he would accept opposition research from foreign intelligence.


Back in June when President Trump stated he would accept foreign government interference in a US election, the InfoMullet argued that statement alone was sufficient to pass a Motion of Censure on.  Censures can be passed jointly with the Senate or by resolution of the House alone and doing such on a “hypothetical case” could’ve laid the groundwork for future Censure motions and/or even impeachment proceedings if the President ever crossed that line.

The InfoMullet doesn’t think it would’ve honestly prevented President Trump from making the phone call to Ukraine in August that is at the heart of the whistleblower complaint, that’s just not the way he operates.

But we predicted they would drop the ball and regret it, and sure enough they did. Had they passed the Censure, it would’ve set a clear red line on the specific topic that the President has now, if the allegations check out, flagrantly violated and not just hypothetically.

Personally, the InfoMullet believes this can go straight to impeachment if the scope of the allegations continues to not change as additional information is released. But even if for political reasons they don’t, we think the Democrats are missing an excellent opportunity to pass a Censure motion through the House, which the Republicans cannot block, or even strike while the iron is hot and try to get a Joint Censure from House and Senate.

The more pressure is on Trump, the more errors he seems to make. And accumulating a series of Censures documenting those errors in formal, simple, uncomplicated ways increases the pressure, leading to more errors.

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