InfoMullet: Called It – House Moves to Impeach Trump

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TLDRUpFront: The InfoMullet called previously that if the Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump, the WhistleBlower scandal appears to be the case to make. And today House Speaker Pelosi indicated that the House would move to begin formal hearings investigating the allegations of the WhistleBlower complaint.

FullContext in the Back:

Not much context because this is a fast breaking story. But some light Q&A on what happens from here:

Q: Is there a timeframe on how long the House can take? I.e., do they have to have everything tied up in 90 or 120 days?

A: When it comes to interpreting “sole power” language, the Courts have generally stayed hands off. The House could “start” impeachment and hold it open, close it arbitrarily, cosplay it as a West Wing episode. Whatever they wanted.

But we assume 3-6months for hearings into whether to file impeachment charges, and 3-6 months for the impeachment charges themselves. So 6-12months if they move forward.

Q: Does this have any potential to disrupt Trumpy campaigning into the next year.

A: Not at this point. There’s three contenders with Trump on the GOP side, but even combined they’re barely getting any attention.


Q: Is it possible for a President to be censured, impeached, and later convicted? Is there a record?

A: It’s possible to be both Censured and Impeached, while still in office (if the Trial doesn’t find guilty.) But a President can only be convicted criminally after leaving office.

The InfoMullet hears however if a President collects a censure, impeachment, and conviction they get to turn them in for three more infantry in Kamchatka.



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