InfoMullet: National WhistleBlower Appreciation Day

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TLDRUpFront:  We continue to link sources of information that are accumulating in the investigation. In this post the WhistleBlower Complaint, House Resolution, Senate Resolution and an ironic “Appreciation Day” passed by the Senate in July.

FullContext in the Back:

This is the whistle blower complaint which both the DNI, DOJ, and WH had previously sought to block from release to Congress IAW with the law under claim of executive privilege. Earlier in the week, in separate events, the White House approved release, and the Senate voted 100-0 and the House 421-0 in non-binding resolutions both condemning the blocking of the release and demanding the release of these materials.

I’m going to continue backgrounders and links to credible releases of information from authorized sources as they occur. Information and evidence is still accumulating and there will plenty of time to discuss it in more depth, or you can enjoy one of the fine tens of thousands of other pages already doing that. 🙂

And, because this came up in my sourcing, I’m just going to leave this here without comment and a link to the source. It’s a resolution that passed by unanimous consent of the Senate on July 23rd, declaring July 30th, 2019 as “National Whistleblower Appreciation Day.”




Senate Resolution:

House Resolution:

National Appreciation Day:

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