InfoMullet: Analysis in the Age of Trump

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TLDRUpFront: Analysis in the age of Trump.

Full Context in the Back: 

Me: Spends many hours carefully crafting an analytical analysis designed to reconcile mutually exclusive hypotheses in environments of high ambiguity through factor analysis; anticipating “getting to the bottom of it” may take weeks or months of contentious debate to ascertain whether President Trump did or did not abuse power.

Trump: Goes live on a press conference showing-his-bottom to commit the same abuse of office.


Upside this simplifies the acceptance of some hypotheses however with evidence in the “Admitted” slot, that still leaves other hypotheses left to resolve. In reference to previous analysis, this is another of those examples of unforced errors. He’s shaving months off of the timeline by openly stating things on the public record that would take subpoenas, court cases, and Congressional brawls simply to obtain in a more closely guarded administration. I also think the pressure will continue to increase the pace, frequency and scope of these errors.



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