InfoMullet: Cue the the Whistle of Irony

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TLDRUpFront:  When President Trump, in both public and private, threatened anyone with first-hand knowledge of the Ukrainian events from cooperating with Congress, he set in motion a chain of events which has now come to fruition.


FullContext in the Back:

A 2nd whistle-blower, another intelligence-officer, is preparing to file their own whistle-blower complaint. This individual has direct, first-hand knowledge, of the allegations in the original complaint. They came forward and registered with the ICIG because now, as a whistle-blower, they receive protections against retaliation that they might not have had had they remained anonymous. There are also rumors that more whistleblowers are in part coming forward, as much for the shield of protection from retaliation by Trump. These are among the individuals the ICIG interviewed when corroborating the first whistleblowers report.

Not that “it was just hearsay” was ever a great legal or persuasive defense (see LegalEagle’s comprehensive rebuttal of this notion on ‘hearsay being inadmissible’ in the video link below). But to the extent the first whistleblower was relaying what they had heard (which turned out to be extremely accurate to the summary transcript released by the WH); now individuals with direct and first-hand knowledge are coming forward. This is in addition to the State Department personnel already providing texts and submitting to interviews this week.



And the video by LegalEagle:

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