InfoMullet: Sondland’s European Vacation

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TLDRUpFront: In what the NY Times refers to as a “substantial revision” after he had, in his own words, “refreshed his recollection” Ambassador Sondland has reversed course on his prior testimony.

FullContext in the Back:

He now states there was an explicit quid pro quo relationship in his mind between military aid and President Zelensky’s investigation of the Bidens. He also testified that he himself directly told Zelensky’s aide Yermak this in Ukraine, while Vice President Pence was meeting with President Zelensky in early September.

Sondland’s new and improved testimony, now with double the quid pro quo of before, still walks a line that may end up getting him either perjured or made the fall guy. He carefully states in his testimony that his assumption was that there was a quid pro quo and points the finger squarely at Giuliani as being the real culprit. He is not yet saying that President Trump directed him in the quid pro quo.

This Beltway Two-Step may get him temporarily out of the firing line after many recent witnesses pointed squarely at him. But the reversal itself, and his increasing unpopularity on all sides, may make him the perfect fall guy if the GOP wants to make a free roll of the d00 on the Random Defense Strategy This Week table and try to hit the “blame the underling” strategy.

No word on whether Republicans have picked up their lucky dice yet.


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