Monthly Archive:: June 2022

Russia’s Slow Cook Offensive 

TLDRUpFront: A MegaMullet review of Russia Ukrainian war from invasion through this week. Includes review of mid-game forecasts made in March and how the “most likely” Scenario #1 is very close to where we are today.

Radical Moderate #3: Shall be protected by a substantive due process.

TLDRUpFront: No State has a right to Tyranny. In overturning Roe v. Wade Alito's reasoning contains a fatal flaw jeopardizing the People's liberties and powers by eliminating substantive due process protections. This puts both safe healthcare for women and many other liberties in jeopardy.

This May be Satire: A/B Testing for Sentience

What if the Google Engineer was testing sentience on something other than an AI though?   Google Engineer: Prove you are sentient!   Elon Musk: I am sentient. Google Engineer: Holy s—! Elon Musk: This is a dumb test. Google Engineer: What?? Elon Musk: It’s stupid. I could do better. Google Engineer: Wow…this is really