Monthly Archive:: February 2023

This May be Satire: AI Plays How it Practiced

No context QOTD: “Bing’s AI LLM look super weird and needy until you consider that part of their training corpus may have been men sliding into the DM’s of women demanding inappropriate things. If that was the case, its behavior is not all that unusual unfortunately.”

This May be Satire: Garbage In, Garbage Out

For reasons which, on the advice of my attorney, I will not disclose at this time I created a falsified mathematical journal article co-authored by Bigus Dickus and Incontentia Buttocks. I wish to emphasize that this creation was purely satirical and for entertainment purposes, and I have no regrets. Bear this in mind when you’re

All Models Hallucinate, Some are Useful

TLDRUpFront: George Box's quote on the problems, and utility of models, applies as much to AI as anything else since he said it.