Monthly Archive:: September 2023

Can an AI LLM write a 3k word scientific paper? What about a 100k-200k word book?

TLDRUpFront: Why current AI LLMs may be able to write a 3k-word scientific paper, but not a 100k-word scientific book or a 220k-word gaming rulebook exposes how LLM memory, token sizes, hallucination, and hard and soft limits create limits-to-growth on both the size and accuracy of a given LLM project.

Exploring “Game-Changer” Fallacies in AI, Drones, and AI Drone Swarms through Ukrainian’s “Cardboard Drone” Attack

TLDRUpFront: AI, Drones, and even AI Drone Swarms could be considered like the introduction of IEDs into modern battlefields, definitely have an impact at a moment in time, but any 'game change' influence they have in the moment is mitigated by adaptation counter-adaptation dynamics between competitors over time.