Monthly Archive:: November 2023

Ceasefire & Hostage Exchange in Hamas v. Israel War: Analysis

TLDRUpFront: Talks between Hamas, Israel, and the US facilitated by Qatar and Egypt resulted in a deal that will exchange ~50 Israeli hostages held by Hamas for 150 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel and a 4-day ceasefire. Designed as a ratcheting mechanism, if this works, there are opportunities to continue ratchets of additional exchanges and

Dynamics of Radicalization, Extremism & future of AI with Simulations – Guest Discussion at UiB MINDS

Nearly two-hour discussion with graduate students at the University of Bergin (UiB) Masters in System Dynamics Society (MINDS) ranging across violent radicalization; terror contagion hypothesis; and the Hamas v. Israel war. Also discussed  were system dynamics methods as well as possible future roles for AI/AGI in simulations and society.