Dynamics of Radicalization, Extremism & future of AI with Simulations – Guest Discussion at UiB MINDS

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Nearly two-hour discussion with graduate students at the University of Bergin (UiB) Masters in System Dynamics Society (MINDS) ranging across violent radicalization; terror contagion hypothesis; and the Hamas v. Israel war. Also discussed  were system dynamics methods as well as possible future roles for AI/AGI in simulations and society.

This is just one in a series of UiB MINDS seminars being planned on system dynamics topics so be sure to like/subscribe/follow their channel!

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URL:  youtu.be/NbmwBw9B-ow


Representation of complex space in a cube with the causal loop diagram causal pathways depicted as top-down or bottom-up within that space.

The system of violent radicalization is portrayed as top-down and bottom-up causes in a complex system.




Data Collection, Dynamic Hypothesis & System Structure

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Exploratory Model

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Policy Simulation

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Calibrated Model

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Counter Extremism’s Project: “Alternative Pathways Conference: The Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Extremism-Related Offenders”

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Original work modeling ISIS including policy analysis

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Independent systemic review including E-SAM

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Most recent E-SAM work including systemic review feedback, expanding data sources, and modeling Ukraine & Myanmar cases

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AI Cataloging Posts on the AGI Doomer Debates


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