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InfoMullet: Salman Spring

TLDR UpFront: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud (MBS) has launched a revolution-from-above as radical as the Arab Spring’s grass roots effort seven years ago. The Prince is dismantling institutional power structures of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, attempting to reform its society, government, markets, security forces and even religious establishment. All this

Grozny Rules & Salafi-Takfiri States

TLDRUpFront: Yesterday marked Day 8 of the unrestricted and unopposed bombing of Aleppo - with Russian thermobaric bombs, cluster munitions, and Syrian barrel bombs being used to destroy the civilian population and demolish the last major trauma hospital operating. 

TBD Al-Queda – FB post – 30 Jul 2016

(INS) Awooga! Awooga! The largest Al-Queda affiliate, the Al-Nusra front in Syria, is being widely reported as having “split off” or “declared independence” from Al-Queda renaming itself the Levant Conquest Front. With nearly 15,000 militants and territory in Idlib province under their direct control, Al-Nusra has adopted elements of ISIS’s emerging-state actor approach. It is

HistoricalMullet: Tracking Ukrainian Crisis in Live Time with Wikipedia

TLDRUpFront: Media literacy in tracking the Russian-Ukranian War in live time. 

HistoricalSatire: Obama-Putin Phone Call Transcripts Reveals PvE vs. PvP Tensions

Historical Satire: Transcripts have been released from the phone call between President Obama and President Putin over the Ukraine crisis. The transcripts reveal a classical tension in geopolitical relations known as "PvE vs. PvP." 

Historical Mullet: Ukraine and Russia go to War

TLDRUpFront: As thousands of Russian troops move into Crimea Ukrainian Prime Minister Klitschko declares it an act of war. 

Historical Mullet: Armed groups Russian into Crimean chaos Putin things back in order.

TLDRUpFront: Russia continues military deployments into Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Ostensibly to secure Russian assets this is beginning to look like an intervention. 

Historical Mullet: Unknown Militants in Crimea Seize Parliament

TLDRUpFront: Well-armed men from an 'unknown' faction have seized the parliament building in Crimea. They have since raised the Russian flag over the building.

Historical Mullet: From Arab Spring to Maidan Revolution to…Caracas Venezuela?

TLDRUpFront: Tactics pioneered in the Arab Spring transplanted to Kiev are now showing up in Caracas. And the 'civil revolution' in Ukraine is starting to struggle as moderates and militants split and concerns of fascism within the revolutionary movement grow and may risk Russian intervention.

HistoricalMullet: Maidan Revolution topples Yanukovych Regime

TLDRUpFront: After bloody street battles attempts to suppress the Maidan Revolution with the military have failed - leading to the collapse of the regime, freeing of political prisoners, and growing instability across the country.