Gay Marriage Debate Archive

HistoricalMullet: Vermont and Massachusetts lead the way today as they did in the past

(continuing to track the development of same-sex and gay marriage this post also includes, in the discussion, what I think is the first question & answer on the potential for a US Civil War over Red v. Blue divides and my first response that civil wars take generations to develop and usually a central dividing

HistoricalMullet: What organizations are supporting the right to gay marriage?

Is there a national alliance of groups or a single group? In all the newspaper articles I read about anti-gay marriage groups building up their organization and getting more support, but I never see mention of the pro-groups. Does anyone know whom these are? Tim C.

HistoricalMullet: Moore’s Announcement – Place your bets here

Lest we forget former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore will be making an announcement tomorrow that will “change the course of this nation”. Place your bets here on his announcement, here’s mine (in no particular order): He will be announcing that he is running for the Alabama Senate Position currently held by Shelby,

HistoricalMullets: Woohoo! Gay marriage ban overturned in MA!

Historical Mullet: Standing Applause

Here’s a round for the Alabama Ethics Panel. The full ruling of the Ethics Panel can be found at The document provides a compelling case for both the removal of Moore and the inaccuracy of his central argument that he must obey the preamble of the Alabama Constitution in maintaining his oath as judge.

HistoricalMullet: A Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Gay Marriage

(The first ‘viral’ post I ever made, an argument for a Constitutional Amendment for gay marriage. See the DISCUSSION at the end of the post for Q&A captured from comments. ed 10/18/2023) I delivered my persuasive speech tonight, a week later than I had wanted due to being sick and missing class. I was very

HistoricalMullet: WalMart to protect Gays/Lesbians from Bias

Damn, this makes it harder to hate the corporate overlords….er…I mean America’s Company.   Tim C.

HistoricalMullet: Way to go Supreme Court!

Struck down the anti-sodomy law not just as an invasion of privacy but as a recognition of the “evolution of sexuality” in regard to homosexuality in the US and the rights associated with that lifestyle. Don’t have the exact text right now, just listening to the breaking news on CNN.   Tim C.