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Everyday AI Ethics

 I know we talk about “big” topics in AI and AGI sometimes, but here’s a really simple one anyone can do regarding LLMs. Recognize we’re in the midst of disruptive transformation and accommodate different perspectives on that in a transparent way: 1) Before answering someone’s question on a topic unrelated to LLM with a prompted

Radical Moderate #3: Shall be protected by a substantive due process.

TLDRUpFront: No State has a right to Tyranny. In overturning Roe v. Wade Alito's reasoning contains a fatal flaw jeopardizing the People's liberties and powers by eliminating substantive due process protections. This puts both safe healthcare for women and many other liberties in jeopardy.

Revealing MESconduct (pt1 of 3): Balancing survivor privacy, community education, and community safety concerns.

TLDR UPFront: Part 1 of a 3-part series on revealing serious misconduct in volunteer-run organizations within the gaming community. Part 1 focuses on the tension between survivor privacy, community education, and community safety in handling sensitive information and our methods.

InfoMullet: Was it Sam Adams or Black Lives Matter?

TLDRUpFront: During protests, riots, or other actions amateur-historians contrast “these” actions to “those” actions of our Founding Fathers leading to the American Revolution. This InfoMullet quiz challenges our understanding that pre-Revolutionary agitators were any less radical than their modern equivalents. If he were alive today, Sam Adams might share more common cause with Black Live

InfoMullet: The Eunuchs are Running the Asylum

TLDRUpFront: In a fortnight that saw the GOP go full Reek in the Senate and Democrats struggle to play duck-duck-goose without losing track of the ducks; this Radical Moderate has a few things to get off his chest about the self-neutering effect Partisan Populism on common sense and basic competence. Content Warning: Radical Moderate

The death of al-Baghdadi and implications for ISIS

TLDRUpFront: The President’s statements on the death of al-Baghdadi and accompanying analysis. Split into "Just the Facts" and "Analysis" portions. 

Missed Opportunities with the WhistleBlower Scandal

The InfoMullet regrets nothing. Our advice is free. Ignoring it incurs the cost. And Democrats may be regretting not acting on the gift-wrapped #Resistance pointed out by the InfoMullet in June, when President Trump admitted in an interview he would accept opposition research from foreign intelligence.

Radical Moderate #1: No State has a right to Tyranny

No State has a right to Tyranny.

Radical Moderate #2: No other method to disrupt the regular order of the legislature is allowed.

TLDRUpFront: Returning from cancer treatment to the Senate, both on the floor and subsequent op-ed Senator McCain called for a return to regular order in the Senate. In doing so he not only fired more warning shots across the bow President Trump, and his own party leadership. But he also elucidated both a cause

InfoMullet: Rains of Moscow – the Red Wedding

TLDR Upfront: Contrary to doomsayer predictions of a new WWI between Russia and Turkey based on the assassination of an envoy in Ankara yesterday, pretty much the exact opposite happened. The beginnings of a Red Wedding scenario, a framework of cooperation between Russia, Turkey and Iran - excluding the US, NATO and the United Nations