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HistoricalMullet Series: From 9/11 to Iraq

Seven HistoricalMullets have been added to the series "From 9/11 to Iraq." This series includes the very first analysis and commentary of what would evolve into the InfoMullet. It covers the period of time between just before the first anniversary of 9/11 in 2002 and to the eve of the invasion into Iraq in

InfoMullet: Drawn & Quartered

TLDR Upfront: The battle against ISIS continues on two crucial fronts in Iraq & Syria as mirror images of one another. In Mosul, a coalition of forces have pushed ISIS back into only a half of the city but civilian casualties mount under an intensifying air campaign led by US warplanes. In Syria, ISIS

Site Update: Soft Launch of the InfoMullet!

Site Update: The InfoMullet is open for business in a soft launch. News analysis, commentary and all the context. TLDR Up Front; Full Context in the Back!

Wicked Messes: Necro-Crocker

A seemingly impossible math problem is solved through the magic of physics, AD&D, simulation science and Betty Crocker.