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This May be Satire: How Fandom will Drive AI

If the Matrix is created, endless replaying a cultural landscape set in the “not too distant future” it will be because of fandom. Hear me out. If AI generated entertainment-on-demand -does- become the norm*, after pornography the next audience to serve will surely be fandom. This is an audience already primed to desiring repetition of

This May be Satire: AI Plays How it Practiced

No context QOTD: “Bing’s AI LLM look super weird and needy until you consider that part of their training corpus may have been men sliding into the DM’s of women demanding inappropriate things. If that was the case, its behavior is not all that unusual unfortunately.”

This May be Satire: Garbage In, Garbage Out

For reasons which, on the advice of my attorney, I will not disclose at this time I created a falsified mathematical journal article co-authored by Bigus Dickus and Incontentia Buttocks. I wish to emphasize that this creation was purely satirical and for entertainment purposes, and I have no regrets. Bear this in mind when you’re

This May be Satire: Critical Understanding May Vary

Liberal Arts: Absolutely everyone can have an opinion on a work. That’s the beauty of the medium! But to critically understand a work requires more. First, there’s proficiency in the native language of the work. Second is cultural and historical expertise to locate a given piece alongside its contemporaries within a specific context of a

This May be Satire: A/B Testing for Sentience

What if the Google Engineer was testing sentience on something other than an AI though?   Google Engineer: Prove you are sentient!   Elon Musk: I am sentient. Google Engineer: Holy s—! Elon Musk: This is a dumb test. Google Engineer: What?? Elon Musk: It’s stupid. I could do better. Google Engineer: Wow…this is really

Trump Brings in Closer

Washington, DC (AP) With his lead attorney in quarantine and after Saturday’s dismissal of a key lawsuit President Trump brought in a renowned ‘closer’ to shore up his post-loss election campaign.     Summoned to an early Sunday morning press briefing, White House pool reporters appeared skeptical when Mohammed al-Sahaf took the podium wearing his

CDC Reports Annual Flu Kills more than Mattis but it’s close.

(AP) Atlanta, GA June 4th, 2020 President Trump took to Twitter last night claiming retired Marine General James Mattis was “the world’s most overrated general” in response to the General’s criticism of the President’s behavior during recent unrest. To bolster his claim the President ordered the CDC, which maintains the nations leading database on mortality,

Leaked internal White House report indicates concern they’ve spent last year trying to undermine the Democratic candidate least capable of winning an election.

Anonymous WH Official: “We got so focused on asking whether we could sink his campaign, we forgot to ask whether we needed too."

This May be Satire: Controversy mars Hollywood gala awards event

(Los Angeles, CA) Controversy marred a Hollywood gala awards event Sunday night opening another chapter in the ongoing pushback against US cultural bellwethers for greater representation of, support for, and less erasure of minorities and women. Activists regularly interrupted the black-tie affair throughout the evening disrupting what is normally a staid affair of Hollywood who’s-who,

Tactical Lautus

From the plains of Iberia to the forests of Tansalpine Gaul to the rugged hills of Parthia, iron greaves have been the leg-wear of choice for legionaries for centuries. Now GladiusFighter(tm) greaves, crafted from locally sourced artisanal double-smelted iron, take this tradition and multiply it by a factor of XIV! With straps made from virgin