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HistoricalMullet: Turkey and Iraq Opposition

Man Bush can’t win a break on the diplomatic front. Turkey’s now moving it’s army to a 12mile occupation zone inside northern Iraq. Given their recent conversations at Ankara with Iranian envoys I fervently hope we can stop them from a Partition of Poland part Deux. This one really gets me, Bush is liberating Iraq,

HistoricalMullet: Hard Questions for Bush

Thirteen months after 9/11 it become clearer what President Bush was willing, and not willing, to do in the Global War on Terror.

HistoricalMullet: Bush get’s his own doctrine!

Shortly after Putin declared a doctrine of limited preemption Bush responded with an expanded view of preemption. The implications of this doctrine, including both preemption against state and non-state actors as well as targeted killing outside of designated battlefields would constitute a radical shift in national security doctrine that would come to define the Global

HistoricalMullet: The Putin Doctrine

In the fall of 2002, Putin released a national security doctrine which opened the door for limited military preemption. This set the stage for Bush to release his own national-security doctrine making the case for preemptive regime change. Post includes original commentary in first comment.